Full Moon aBOVE….

the sweet ..smell of blood

the killer he went cra-zy on the la-dy he loved

mom and daddy grieve, its a sad sad christmas eve

oh that LUCIFER,…………..he has no sym-pa-thy

Cities of sin

things are ..looking grim

SATAN has conTROL and-your SOULS be-long to him

The POOR people heed, to COR POR ATE games and greed

Oh that LUCIFER,……………..he has no sym-pa-thy

( chorus )

There’s no sym- pa- thy from …lu-ci-fer,ther’es NO sym-pa-thy, at.. all

he was there.. when, it all, began,and hel be there… when IT FAAAAAALLLS!!!

Dan-ger-ous times

Nucle-ar de-signs

Satan he went cra-zy and he gravely blew their minds

Down on there knees, they all have been deceived

Oh that LUCIFER,………… he has no sym-pa-thy:

Me and the Devil


  1. A song/lyric that came to me as I looked up and saw a beautiful full moon one night a couple yrs. back. If you click on this bandcamp link below, you’ll be able to hear the music that I came up with for the song. I just introduced this song to the the band,( maybe a week before this recording ) so we didn’t have much time to get it down. I like what the lead guitarist came up with, but not all, but over all I believe it could be a good song if properly done. I’m looking for anyone interested in this song. Thanks 🙂

    If anyone is interested in a copy of my art/sculpture of my Devil head ( see picture ), it stands 8″ high ( to tip of horns ) and 7″ across from ear to ear, hand painted and reproduced in plaster. Shoot me an email for info at Thanks.

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